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Four Essential Practices To Avoid Knee Injuries

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

As people grow up their age, knee joints automatically start to wear out. You may tend to feel pain in your hips or stiffness in your knees in the morning. But just because these are a few common symptoms of arthritis does not mean you will end up having arthritis and undergo knee replacement surgery. The soundest practice will be to adopt a healthy lifestyle that helps reduce joint pain and avoid knee replacement surgery altogether. From now on, try these tactics to improve your knee health whenever you begin feeling knee pain.

Four Essential Practices To Avoid Knee Injuries

Lose the extra weight in your body

While walking, standing, or running, the knees suffer the brunt of your excessive force. In fact, for every pound you weigh-in, your knee has to undergo the pressure of four times your weight.

Losing even a fraction of weight can significantly impact knee pain and function. If you lose just 10 pounds, you'll take almost 40 pounds of force off your knees. Sometimes, this can make the pain disappear entirely after weight loss.

Among various other health benefits, weight loss can also decrease and slow down the joint degeneration in your knee. And even if you need knee replacement surgery with a few fewer pounds, it will always be easy to regain the original functioning of your knee.

Increase the knee strength

Another way to ease the knee pain and slow down arthritis is to build up the muscles around your knee area. Once muscles are built around the knee area, it can take more of the work of walking and moving, relieving strain on your knee joints. Muscle strength should be made so that it doesn't stress your knee joints. For instance, swimming builds muscle but at the same time takes all the weight off your knee. Exercise also improves your mobility resulting in moving more smoothly and balanced way.

Make your diet anti-inflammatory

Inflammation can damage your joints, and your diet plays a vital role in storing the quantity of inflammation in your body. Processed foods are primarily prepared with white flour and sugar, significantly contributing to inflammation. A diet considering a high amount of meat, dairy, and eggs also escalates the inflammation in your body.

Make a habit of having anti-inflammatory items in your plant-based diet, featuring a lot of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains, with eight glasses of water daily. Foods that are mainly anti-inflammatory include onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks.

Always wear shoes of the appropriate size

With constant aging, our shoe size also increases with time. Check your shoes constantly to ensure they're not pinching your toes and you get enough width at the top of the shoe.

After wearing high heels for long years, many women may become prone to knee pain. When the heel stays in the up position, instead of flat, your quadriceps muscles get strained to keep your knees in the same line. So if you wear flat shoes, your knees will look at a much better relief in the long run. Also, walking barefoot in the house and elsewhere can reduce your knees' stress.


Untreated knee pain for extended periods can result in arthritis and many other problems that require extensive medical care. The orthopedic specialist at Polaris Healthcare can help relieve knee pain with non-surgical solutions. Our medical experts provide comprehensive care, from customized knee braces to personalized physical therapy programs.

To get your treatment for your knee, you book an appointment with an experienced knee replacement doctor right away!


About The Author: Dr. Surendra Patil

Dr. Surendra Patil, MBBS, Diploma in Orthopaedics, DNB - Orthopedics Surgery, is a dynamic surgeon with skilled hands well versed in various surgical procedures in orthopedics and exceptionally well-read in his chosen expertise. He is proficient in Arthroscopic Surgeries, Adult Joint Reconstruction Surgery, Accidents & Emergencies, Joint Replacement, Healthcare Management, and Healthcare in general. He is an experienced Medical Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & healthcare industry.


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