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With a team of the best and most dedicated physiotherapists in Pune, our team of experts is equipped to provide all the necessary treatment and care for our patients pre and post-surgery. Through our therapy, we assist our patients to recover faster and live healthier and more active lifestyles.

Best physiotherapist in wakad, pune

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Physiotherapy Treatment

“Cure acute and complex problems with physiotherapy.”

Polaris Healthcare provides physiotherapy programs to help the patients recover post-treatment and lead an everyday life like never before. Our team of specialist physiotherapists in Pune treats thousands of patients successfully. At Polaris Healthcare, our experienced physiotherapists are proficient in diagnosing and providing timely treatment. 

We bring a dedicated physiotherapy department fully empowered with all the necessary tools to provide treatment to pre and post-surgery patients with knee replacement, hip replacement, spine surgery, ligament surgery, sports injury and others. 

About Physiotherapy

Our Area Of Expertise

Sports  Physiotherapy

Sporting activities are typically more physically taxing than everyday ones. Athletes are more susceptible as a result of muscle and tendon injuries.

Sports physiotherapists can assist all levels of athletes in recovering more quickly from sports injuries and improving their overall performance.

Sports  Physiotherapy
Geriatric (Aging-Related) Physiotherapy

Geriatric (Aging-Related) Physiotherapy

Age-related changes in muscle mass, reaction times, balance, and coordination are common. Furthermore, many require specialised routines to handle overlapping health conditions. Fortunately, issues like loss of mobility, arthritis, or Alzheimer's disease may be addressed by geriatric physiotherapy.

Chiropractic physical treatment.

Back, neck, and knee injuries often result in persistent discomfort, immobility, and overall weakness. Fortunately, orthopaedic physical therapy can help you recover from a severe illness or accident. This physiotherapy focuses on connecting your other body components with your musculoskeletal system. It leads to a quick recovery.

Chiropractic physical treatment.
Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy

A subspecialty of physical therapy known as pediatric physiotherapy is dedicated to identifying, preventing, and treating developmental abnormalities in newborns, young children, and teenage patients.

Pediatric physiotherapists use exercises and other cutting-edge therapies to help kids with cerebral palsy, stunted development, skeletal issues, or congenital limitations regain their strength and develop their motor skills.

Neurological Physiotherapy

The brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves are all affected by neurological diseases and traumas. You can, as a result, lose your balance, have a smaller range of motion, and have weaker muscles. People with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, or a stroke are advised to use this kind of therapy.

When you make an appointment with a neurological therapist, they will employ various methods to treat your symptoms, including pain relief, stress reduction, mobility restoration, and prevention of different neurological disorders.

Neurological Physiotherapy
Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

Cardiovascular physiotherapists assess your heart and lung health and recommend the best activities. Asthma and excessive chest discharge are two disorders that heal with this type of treatment.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Physical therapy is usually advised following surgery to regain mobility in the damaged region. Control of pain is the second most crucial factor. Physiotherapy helps people who have undergone orthopaedic surgery feel less pain.

​Post-surgical rehabilitation
Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are movements and physical activities intended to build strength, reduce discomfort, and restore flexibility and function. Your physical therapist may include therapeutic exercises in your treatment plan if you have physical therapy for an accident or a persistent disease.

The Methods Employed in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists primarily employ massage, exercises, heat therapy, and electrotherapy to treat injuries and abnormalities. To alleviate pain, restore joint motion, and boost general strength, physiotherapists may employ taping, electromagnets, hydrotherapy, joint mobilization, and hot and cold treatments.

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Our expert and certified physiotherapist team have helped thousands of patients regain a routine. For your treatment, Gen Physio has top-notch physiotherapists and top-notch equipment.
We also provide mobile physiotherapy in Pune. To schedule your care, contact us.

Our Expert Physiotherapist

Polaris healthcare has a pool of experts and supportive staff members who believe in aiding you with personal care based on your requirements. Avail expert medical diagnosis and treatment from our highly accomplished team of skilled and experienced doctors. 

Dr Pankaj Chopade  - physiotherapist in pune



1. What issues can a physio treat?

A physiotherapist from Pune, Maharashtra is a professional medical expert who treats different issues like sports injuries, neurological problems, pediatric care, etc., based on specialization.

2. How much does the physiotherapy session cost?

Physiotherapy session in wakad, Pune depends on the patient's diagnosis report and requirements for the treatment.

3. Do you have a dedicated department for physiotherapy sessions?

Yes. At Polaris Healthcare, we have a specialized department and dedicated medical team for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

4. What is the maximum duration of each physiotherapy session?

Each session will last 1 hour long.

5. How can physiotherapy help with recovery?

Physiotherapy exercises are beneficial in treating and preventing pain and injuries. Physiotherapy provides pain relief to patients of all ages, and our experts will give you an ideal treatment plan that works the best as per your diagnosis.

6.  Does Polaris Health provides care mobile physiotherapy in Pune?

In some cases, when a patient's mobility is an issue, physiotherapy has to visit home. For other cases, It depends on the patient's choice whether he wants the treatment to be done at home or clinic. But in some cases, treatment requires different types of equipment, which can be available only at the clinic for which it is recommended for a patient to visit the clinic for better results.

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