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As the most reliable orthopaedic hospitals in Pune, Maharashtra, India, our expert orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Surendra Patil, and his experienced team provide comprehensive treatment and high-quality care for all orthopaedic-related problems.

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Dr Surendra Patil -  Best orthopedic doctor in pune

Dr. Surendra Patil

Expert Orthopedic Surgeon In Pune

The co-founder and the top orthopedic surgeon/doctor in Pune, Maharastra at Polaris Healthcare, Dr. Surendra Patil, possess over 20 years of expertise in orthopedics. He has been actively involved with joint reconstruction surgeries such as post-traumatic arthritis, revision, and degenerative joint.


Moreover, he has conducted primary, revision, and reconstructive knee and hip surgeries. Besides this, he has delivered lectures and demonstration workshops at several colleges and institutes. Dr. Surendra has been honored with Late K T Dholakia Award at the Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference in Cochin and the POS award.

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Joint Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery is the ideal option if you face severe issues while performing daily tasks like climbing stairs, walking, or age-related wear and tear in knee joints. Dr Surendra Patil is a well-renowned orthopaedic surgeon in Pune, Maharashtra, who has conducted several joint replacement surgeries in Pune with patients across the city. 


Many times, non-surgical treatments such as weight reduction, lifestyle changes, and knee-related exercises are the initial ways to cope with the pain. But if the pain persists, joint replacement surgery might be your answer. After careful clinical examination and X-rays might suggest joint replacement surgery for you. After all, our goal is to ensure the greatest standards of medicine and delivering a high-quality experience for you.

Total Knee Replacemnt

Knee Replacement

A knee replacement is a surgical process wherein the damaged or worn knee is supplanted with artificial material. A knee is a hinge that provides movement where the thigh meets the lower leg. The process takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to perform, and recovery time differs from one patient to another. 


A knee encompasses the femur, tibia, and the joint between the patella and the forefront of the femur. One of these parts may be affected by arthritis to severe degrees, and the knee replacement process involves discarding the affected knee surfaces and supplanting them with metal components with a high-density polyethene surface connecting them.

Knee Replacement Surgery
Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is a surgical process that supplants the damaged hip with an artificial hip joint. Here, the head of the femur is discarded with the socket's surface layer wherein it rests. Hip joint's artificial components come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. And these are composed of cobalt, ceramic, titanium, and chrome materials. Some surgeons use customized components to enhance the femur fit. 


Hip replacement surgeons sometimes use a "hybrid" technique consisting of the cemented femur and an uncemented acetabular part. Sometimes, the surgeon also uses a special cement or glue to fix the new parts of the hip to the healthy, existing bone - this is referred to as a "cemented" process. Full recovery post-surgery can take about 3-6 months, depending on several factors such as surgery type and the patient's overall health.

Hip Replcement
Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Spondylosis refers to the gradual deterioration of the disc between the backbone vertebrae. Spondylosis occurs due to age-related wear and tear, just like osteoarthritis. This is common and affects 40-50% of people over 40. Here, the discs flatten, losing their average height. And the disc height usually separates the disc above from the one below. 


Degenerated discs have gotten much thinner and can also develop tiny, rough areas which irritate the surrounding nerves. Severe neck pain and stiffness can result from this. Our doctors at Polaris Healthcare can help you eliminate this pain with an appropriate medical treatment depending on the severity of your pain.

Sports Injury

Sports Injury

Athletes use their physical strength and endurance to achieve goals, and an injury can severely disturb their ability to play and compete at their fullest. Sports injuries can occur due to excess strain on the musculoskeletal system. While sprains, cuts, and bruises are some common and less severe injuries, different sports can cause various injuries that are caused due to various movements.


At Polaris Healthcare, our orthopaedic experts and surgeons in pune are trained to identify and treat any muscular or skeletal injuries, and we have world-class technologies to help in the diagnostic process. Our neurological team provides you with all-inclusive spinal and brain injury care. Around 10% of sports injuries are spine-related; hence, if you are experiencing back or neck injuries, you can contact our experts to find a cure for your agony.

Sports Injury


ACL - the anterior cruciate ligament is situated in the front of the knee and is the most commonly injured ligament. ACL is often stretched or torn during an abrupt twisting movement. Basketball & football are sports with a higher risk of ACL injuries. 


PCL - the posterior cruciate ligament is situated at the back of the knee, and again it's a commonly-injured ligament. PCL injury typically happens with abrupt and direct impacts, such as football tackles or car accidents. 


MCL - the medial collateral ligament is situated inside the knee, and this one has injured more often than the LCL - lateral collateral ligament, which is located on the external knee. Here, the injuries are usually caused by a blow to the knee's outer side, like when playing football or hockey. 


Knee ligament repair is a solution for a complete knee ligament tear resulting from knee instability. People with torn knees might be unable to do everyday tasks involving twisting the knee. If medical treatments are inadequate, ligament repair surgery might be the answer.


Shoulder injuries are caused mainly by athletic activities that include excessive, repetitive, and overhead motion. It involves activities such as swimming, tennis, weightlifting, etc. Injuries can happen during everyday activities such as washing walls, hanging curtains, and gardening. Most injuries in the shoulder include the muscles, ligaments, and tendons and not the bones. Athletes are more prone to shoulder injuries. In athletes, shoulder problems can develop gradually due to repetitive, intensive training routines. The shoulder injury is sometimes underestimated because ongoing weakness in the arm or less joint motion will make the pain secondary for patients. If the pain is extensive, you should visit a surgeon and get diagnosed for proper medical aid. If required, an Orthopedic doctor will advise you to undergo shoulder treatment with proper medical care.

Shoulder Injury


The elbow joint is a (synovial fluid) hinge joint with various vital functions such as moving your hand away and towards your body, rotating your forearm and wrists, and bending and straightening the elbow. You can make joint movements with an elbow that comprises bones, ligaments, cartilage, and fluids. Either of these gets harmed, leading to a shoulder injury. If you have severe, feel your hands and arms turn numb, or your performance in sports and range of motion is getting hampered, then the underlying issue is the elbow injury. To get your elbow injury treated, making an appointment to see an orthopedist is the first thing you should do without losing any further time. An Orthopedist may determine whether a surgical option may benefit you after diagnosing your injury. The surgeon will determine the amount or type of damage and then can proceed to repair or treat the wound or injury with proper medical treatment.

Elbow Injury


Arthroscopy is a surgical process used by orthopedic surgeons to visualize and treat injuries or problems present inside a joint. While performing arthroscopic surgery, an orthopedic surgeon makes a tiny incision in the skin of the patient, then inserts pencil-sized instruments containing a small lens with a lighting system to magnify and illuminate the structures inside the joint. Light gets transmitted by fiber optics to the end of the arthroscope, which is inserted inside the joint. By attaching a miniature camera to the arthroscope, the interior of the joint through this minimal incision gets visible to the surgeon, rather than the larger incision needed for open surgery. After being diagnosed with arthroscopic surgery, you can visit a surgeon to get the adequate treatment required with intensive medical care and support.



Polaris Healthcare provides physiotherapy programs to help the patients recover post-treatment and lead an everyday life like never before. Our team of specialist physiotherapists in Pune treats thousands of patients successfully. At Polaris Healthcare, our experienced physiotherapists are proficient in diagnosing and providing timely treatment. 


Purushottam Wagh

I am satisfied with the medical treatment given by Dr. Surendra Patil sir. AVN detected in my right hip joint and I went through core decompression surgery. Now after 3 months I am able to do my daily activity without any issue. I am impressed with doctor's consulting skills which help me to be confident about treatment and recovery. Medical staff is very supportive specially raju . He has coordinated with me during all treatment ( pre and post surgery).

Ramesh Gade

Have come to Polaris Healthcare orthopaedic hospital in Pune on recommendations of my daughter for my low back pain from kopargaon. As I was tired taking treatment out there for two months. I met the famous Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Surendra Patil and found him genuine and on the point. Within ten days of my treatment I am. Ninety percent better and now we have started with physiotherapy, I am now confident that I will be out of this chrinic problem shortly for good. I am really thankful to the entire Polaris Healthcare staff and physiotherapy team.

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