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Best Hospital For Natural Birth In Pune


Natural Birthing

Natural childbirth is the domain of Polaris healthcare. This is how it has been and should be since the beginning of life, and this is what we believe in. When babies are born naturally, they have more various microbiomes, fewer allergies, and a lower risk of obesity, asthma, and diabetes as they age. What potential advantages do vaginal births have for mothers? Even while labour and vaginal delivery can be taxing on the body, they are often less demanding than caesarean sections. The recovery process following a vaginal birth is typically quicker and less painful than following a C-section, allowing the mother to spend more time with her child.

At Polaris Healthcare - The best hospital for natural birth in Pune, we provide prenatal and antenatal programmes for pregnant women, in which we instruct them on safe delivery techniques. Week after week, we are here to assist you in understanding what to anticipate throughout pregnancy. We'll put a lot of emphasis on your mental readiness in addition to your physical wellness. During these sessions, issues relating to pregnancy, such as morning sickness, food, physical and mental health, labour, nursing, etc., are thoroughly discussed.


Our prenatal counselling includes:

  • Nutrition and Diet During Pregnancy

  • Exercises for a fit and flexible physique throughout pregnancy

  • Pregnancy, labour, delivery, and nursing myths you should know

  • Understanding the process of delivery

  • For pain management during childbirth, comfort postures and massage treatments are recommended.

  • The father's role and advice for encouraging and supporting the mother throughout pregnancy, labour, and delivery.

  • Good prenatal care and normal delivery procedures.

  • The connection between mother and child 

  • Techniques for Correct Breastfeeding

  • Infant massage and newborn care.

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