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Polaris healthcare provides one of the best and most prominent gynaecology services in Pune, Maharashtra, India. From regular examination to childbirth, our team of gynaecology experts and well-trained staff ensures quality care and comfort for our patients.


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Dr Ujwala Patil  - Best Gynecologist In Pune

Dr. Ujwala Patil

Dr. Ujwala Patil has been providing specialist advice in gynaecology and obstetrics to girls, women, mothers and their toddlers for the past 18 years. Dr Ujwala Patil is the founder of Polaris Health Care, one of the leading gynaecology hospitals in wakad, Pune, Maharastra.


Dr Ujwala Patil, one of the famous Gynecologists In Pune, has tremendous experience as a gynaecologist & obstetrician. She has completed M.B.B.S. from the renowned B.J. Medical College, Pune has undergone F.O.G.S.I. training in Infertility. It is certified in Cervical cytology and colonoscopy. She has handled many high-risk obstetric cases and has conducted more than 1000 deliveries. Her expert advice dipped in care is accessible to women from all walks of life. She has also been empanelled as a gynaecologist at Surya and Life point hospitals.

About Gynaecology


Dr Ujwala Patil leading Gynaecologist in Pune, Maharastra, is passionate about natural birthing and is one of the few doctors in Pune with the Lamaze certification in childbirth. She and her team are known for being compassionate to patients. Polaris' healthcare is equipped with state-of-the-art machines to aid expectant mothers with all the care needed. For us, it's always the patient first; we love going out of our way to ensure no discomfort during the entire process, from consultation to help you deliver the new life. The paediatric unit takes up the responsibility of the newborn, and care is given to the minute details.


Sumita Arya

I have spent my pregnancy journey for nine months under the supervision of Dr Ujwala Patil mam. She is a very soft-spoken, amiable person and a very good gynaecologist in Pune. The same goes with Dr Reshma mam. My overall experience was very smooth. I had my delivery done in Polaris gynaecology hospital on 31 May 2022. The hospital infrastructure is a bit old, but they have maintained hygiene well. The staff is very cooperative and helpful. Thank you, Polaris, for supporting my pregnancy.

Nidhi Srivastava

I went through a very smooth pregnancy under Dr Ujwala Patil mam and Dr Reshma mam. Dr Ujwala mam is the best gynaecologist in Pune, and one can trust her blindly. She always recommends staying calm in every situation. I went through the elective c-section, and she was known throughout the journey and kept me quiet and poised. Thank you, Dr Ujwala and Reshma mam, for the smooth pregnancy journey and for helping me deliver a healthy baby boy.



1. What is gynecology?

Gynaecology is the branch of medicine that manages diseases and functions, focusing on women, specifically the reproductive system.

2. How often should pregnant women visit an obstetrician & Gynecologist doctor?

As suggested by many doctors and consultants, a pregnant woman should have a routine visit with her obstetrician and gynecologist. They should visit their doctor once every month, starting from the fourth week of conception to the 28th week of advent. They should see once in two weeks, starting from week 29th to week 37th of conception. And they should visit their doctor once a week starting from week 36thto week forty of conception. Polaris Healthcare in Pune has the best and most highly qualified gynaecologists to guide and help women through their pregnancy.

3. When should you go see a gynecologist?

One should go and see a gynaecologist/ gynaecology hospital in Pune once a year in general. However, when someone is feeling and observing concerns related to gynaecology such as irregular and insufficient menstrual bleeding, vaginal yeast infections, issues of uterine fibroids, endometriosis matters, urinary inconsistency, pelvic painfulness, etc.

4. How can I book a consultation with gynecologist at polaris healthcare, Pune?

Now Booking an appointment for gynaecologist is simple via the Polaris healthcare website 

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