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About Us - Polaris Healthcare

After catering to corporate hospitals for over a decade, the duo Dr Surendra Patil and Dr Ujwala Patil decided to commence their orthopaedic multidisciplinary hospital. After coming across multiple cases and witnessing a crunch between the doctors and patients, they felt a need to start a space of their own where they could guide the patients in the right direction. Their willingness to go above and beyond for their patients led to the conceptualisation of Polaris Healthcare. 


Backed by a team of multiple specialists and friendly nurses, Polaris Hospital puts patients' welfare at the forefront. Recognised as one of the top-notch orthopaedic hospitals in Pune, we treat a series of complex knee and joint disorders at our healthcare centre. 


To aid you in the healing process - physically and emotionally, by striving higher each day in the field of medical science!


We aim to make Polaris Healthcare a trusted and highly valued brand, growing in people's hearts and minds using our holistic healing approach. 



We have received the Ranawat Orthopedic Research foundation - Dholakia Best Paper Presentation Award. Apart from this, our doctors have received various awards and recognition for their service to humanity.


Our mission is to aid you in the process of healing – medically and emotionally by striving higher and higher in the field of medical science.

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