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Dr. Pankaj Chopade

Dr. Pankaj Chopade


B.P.Th Physiotherapist

Dr Pankaj E Chopade Senior consultant/BCCI Level-1 Physiotherapist is renowned dynamic and practically sound clinician @ Polaris, holds experience more than 14
years. He's expertise in Various Manual therapy techniques and have special interest in
treating Sports injuries, Joint Replacements, Spine and Trauma cases

Surgeries / Focus Areas

Manual Therapy

Joint Mobilisation/ Manipulation | Soft Tissue Mobilization | MET(Muscle Energy Technique) | MFR | Dry Needling | Stretching & Strengthening .

Electro therapy

Interferential Therapy (IFT) | TENS | US (ultrasound therapy) | ENMS (Neuro-muscular stimulation) | Faradic & Galvanic stimulation | Traction (Neck & Back) | SWD |Paraffin Wax Bath | HCPacks | Russian Currents | SSF | IR Therapy

Specialised treatment for-

Sports Injuries | Orthopaedic conditions (Frozen shoulder, spondylitis, Disc prolapse, Arthritis, Tennis Elbow, Nerve injuries (sciatica/CTS/ Foot drop & all) | Prehab & Rehab for all Orthopaedic Surgeries, Joint Replacements

Rehabilitation for all Neurological conditions

Rehabilitation for all cardio-respiratory conditions | Rehabilitation for all paediatric conditions | Rehabilitation for all Geriatric conditions | Pre & post natal care | Pregnancy conditions

Ergonomics and Postural corrections

Foot Rehabilitation unit

(Podiatric unit)

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