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Top Rated Physiotherapists
In Baner, Pune

With state-of-the-art physiotherapy facilities and expert physiotherapists in Baner, we strive to provide top-notch physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to patients of all ages. Our team is dedicated to educating and guiding patients through physical therapies and exercises aimed at restoring strength, movement, and function, promoting speedy recovery.

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Dr Pankaj Chopade - Top Rated Physiotherapist In Baner, Pune

Dr. Pankaj Chopade 

Expert Physiotherapist Baner, Pune

Dr Pankaj E Chopade is a highly skilled clinician with over 14 years of experience as a Senior Consultant and BCCI Level-1 physiotherapist at Polaris. He specializes in manual therapy techniques and is particularly interested in treating sports injuries, joint replacements, and spine and trauma cases. His other expertise includes electrotherapy, specialised treatment for sports injuries and other orthopaedic conditions, and providing prehab and rehab for surgeries and joint replacements. Dr Chopade also provides rehabilitation for neurological, cardio-respiratory, paediatric, and geriatric conditions and pre and postnatal care. Additionally, Dr Chopade works in the Foot Rehab unit, performing ergonomics and postural corrections.

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Dr. Raghvendra Pandey

Specalist Chiropractor Baner, Pune

Dr Pandey is an experienced physiotherapist with over five years of expertise in the field. He has been providing his services at Polaris Hospital for the past year. He specializes in manual therapy and chiropractic techniques and is certified in tapping techniques and sports physiotherapy. Dr Pandey has also participated in various international and national marathons. He is pursuing a master's degree in physiotherapy, demonstrating his commitment to advancing his knowledge and skills in the field. His expertise encompasses women's health, industrial health, and fitness. Dr Pandey collaborates with gynaecologists to develop an ante-natal and postnatal physiotherapy protocol.

Dr Ragvendra Padey - Chiropractor Baner, Pune

Physiotherapy services we offer

Geriatric (Aging-Related) Physiotherapy

Geriatric (Aging-Related) Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Session

Cardiovascular Physiotherapy


Therapeutic Exercise

Why choose Polaris Healthcare?

The physiotherapy department at Polaris Healthcare is exclusively dedicated to offering exceptional treatment to patients before and after surgery. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality physiotherapy services tailored to each patient's specific requirements. Our services cover a broad spectrum, ranging from sports physiotherapy to neurological physiotherapy to post-surgical rehabilitation. Therefore, Polaris Healthcare is an excellent option for anyone seeking specialised and personalised physiotherapy services in and around Baner, Pune.


kuldeep jain

Dr Pankaj Chopde(Physiotherapist) is another gem of a person at this hospital who puts in all efforts in ensuring that his patients get back to normal routine as early as possible.
Overall we had a very pleasant experience at this hospital and i highly recommend this to others.

Dr.Pankaj Chopade is veteran as Physiotherapist. He did his very best to provide the post-surgery treatment. He is very dedicated to his work and at times he came even at 10pm for taking exercise for not to disturb the routine. He is very friendly as well.

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