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Dr. Priya Saoji

Dr. Priya Saoji

Pain Management Specialist

M.B.B.S. MD DNB Anaesthesiology
Fellowship in Regional Anaesthesiology
Fellowship in pain management

She is proficient both in the anaesthetic management for surgical cases as well as in
acute and chronic pain management. Being an enthusiastic learner and hard worker she gained accolades in her academic performance throughout her course. She honed her anaesthetic skills and became very confident in dealing with complicated cases independently. She has experience in managing patients with chronic pain due to
sciatica, low backache, previous spine surgery, cancer, osteoarthritis of joints, neuralgia She regularly follows up her patients and the rapport she establishes with her patients makes them at ease and relieves any anxieties or apprehensions they might have. The
motto which Dr Priya follows and wishes to convey to the public is that ‘Suffering is
Optional’. She actively interacts and busts the myths associated with pain. Having in- depth knowledge in her field,both theoretical as well as practical, she wishes to apply
herself and help the pain-afflicted and debilitated patients so that they are free of pain and their quality of life improves substantially.

Surgeries / Focus Areas

Geriatric anesthesia | Regional anesthesia & various blocks | USG & PNS guided | Obstetric Anesthesia

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