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Elbow Replacment Pune

Elbow Replacement

Due to the elbow's complexity and relatively small size, as well as the fact that patients require long-lasting, sustainable therapies, elbow surgery can be complex. Surgical options are explored only after all previous non-surgical alternatives have failed to relieve significant joint pain and range of motion loss.

What is Elbow Replacement?

Elbow replacement surgery removes damaged regions of the elbow joint and replaces them with pieces composed of metal and plastic (implants) (implants). This operation is sometimes termed “elbow arthroplasty.” At the elbow, three bones converge. The bigger of the two forearm bones and the upper arm bone (humerus) is connected by a loose hinge (ulna).

What is Elbow Replacemnet
When to Go Surgery

When to Go for Surgery

A primary justification for elbow replacements is a severe fracture of one or more of the elbow's bones. It could be pretty challenging for a surgeon to reconstruct the elbow if it is fractured. Additionally, the bone fragments' blood supply may be cut off.

The Procedure

The elbow replacement procedure includes surgically inserting artificial elbow joint components to replace the bones that make up the elbow joint (prosthetic parts). Two high-quality metal stems make up the prosthetic joint. A metal and plastic hinge that connects them enables the prosthetic elbow joint to flex.

The Procedure
Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery care

For two to four weeks following surgery, the elbow region may continue to feel warm and sore. This time should see a reduction in the edema. You could wear a soft splint on your arm for the first week following surgery to keep your elbow in its proper position. You might need to wear a more vital, hinged brace or splint when the wound has healed. Follow the after-surgery care points from the best elbow replacement hospital in Pune listed below


  • When you are fatigued, have a nap.

  • Try to go for a daily stroll.

  • Till your doctor gives the all-clear, stay away from intense activities like bicycling, running, weight lifting, or aerobic activity.

  • If your doctor gives the go-ahead, you can shower 24 to 48 hours following your procedure.

  • Find out from your doctor when you may resume driving.