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Total Shoulder Replacement

What is Total Shoulder Replacement?

The damaged bone is removed and replaced with plastic and metal components (implants) in a shoulder replacement. The name of this procedure is shoulder arthroplasty. It has a ball and socket joint at the shoulder. The shallow socket in the shoulder accommodates the upper arm bone's spherical head (ball).

Performing Surgery

When to go for surgery

What signs might point to a replacement shoulder? Watch out for the following to determine if surgery is the only option.

  • The inability to dress independently

  • Whilst sleeping, moderate to severe discomfort.

  • Your shoulder will be weak and lose mobility.

  • Persistent discomfort despite the use of painkillers or cortisone injections.

The Procedure

A standard shoulder replacement socket has a plastic liner connected to it to facilitate motion. After removing the top of the arm bone, the surgeon inserts a metal stem with a ball at the end. However, the joint could not be stable or function correctly if the rotator cuff is seriously compromised.

Medical Consultation

Post Surgery Care

You'll spend many days in the hospital recovering from this major procedure. Additionally, you'll require physical treatment several weeks later.

  • Sleeping on an elevated bed for 4-6 weeks following surgery is preferable.

  • Follow the physiotherapy advised

  • Put your sling on.

  • Restrict driving and lifting weight

  • Have timely medicines and ice packs

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