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Scolliocis Surgery

What is Scolliocis Surgery?

The phrase “mild scoliosis” specifically refers to an aberrant "S" or "C" curvature in the spine. This curve is over 10 degrees but under 25. Those with curves less than 20 degrees often have a minimal probability of advancement (around 20 per cent). Scoliosis is the name for an abnormal curve of the spine that can be corrected with a form of surgery called minimally invasive scoliosis surgery. In contrast to open surgery, this procedure employs tiny incisions.

Performing Surgery

When to go for surgery

Surgery could be necessary if your kid has a significant spine bend. This curve has a minimum angle of 40 degrees. If conventional therapies fail, if If conservative measures are unsuccessful in preventing the curvature from worsening, your kid may eventually require surgery. It is unlikely that children with minor curvature will require surgery. As your child develops, the healthcare professional will monitor the development of your child's spine. The only form of therapy that can straighten the spine is surgery. It can improve posture and lessen or take away the discomfort.

The Procedure

Scoliosis surgery using less invasive techniques aids in reversing an incorrect curvature. The surgeon makes several tiny incisions down the back throughout the procedure. Then, he or she inserts a tool known as a tubular retractor. This enables the surgeon to use tiny instruments to access the spine. To help the spine become more straight, rods and screws are fastened. Surgery is aided with a specialized microscope and real-time X-ray pictures of the spine. Most surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia.

Medical Consultation

Post Surgery Care

Recovery from scoliosis surgery takes a while; patients usually need three to six months to resume their regular activities.

  • Timely medication and painkillers

  • Physiotherapy sessions

  • Take only brief strolls during the first two weeks following surgery.

  • Going up or down stairs does not give you much pain or suffering; you may do it once a day.

  • Before seeing your doctor, wait to start swimming, playing golf, jogging, or other more demanding sports.

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