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Meniscal Repair Surgery

What is Meniscal Repair Surgery?

A damaged fragment of cartilage inside the joint is repaired during a meniscus repair procedure on the knee. Common knee ailments include meniscus tears, particularly in sports.

Performing Surgery

When to go for surgery

The patient might not need surgical repair if the tear is minimal and on the outside of the meniscus. Non-surgical therapy may be all you require if your knee is stable, and you are not experiencing severe pain, swelling, difficulty moving your knee, or a cracking sound or feeling. If that's not the case, you may have to go for meniscus repair surgery.

The Procedure

Anaesthesia is administered first, knee skin is cleaned by the surgical team, and then a surgical drap is placed over the remainder of your leg. To determine the kind of repair, the surgeon inserts an arthroscope via a tiny portal in the patient. This allows for a clear view of the knee. The meniscus is then repaired or trimmed using surgical tools.

Medical Consultation

Post Surgery Care

Patients advance toward weight-bearing, extending their range of motion, and removing the knee brace as this healing takes place. Depending on the surgeon, this improvement can happen more or less fast, but typically takes 4 to 8 weeks. Within two to three months, patients are often free of the brace and able to walk without assistance. Following care post surgery are usually recommended:

  • Crutches to relieve pressure on the knee as it recovers may be part of your post-operative therapy.

  • As you recuperate, use a knee brace to keep the joint stable.

  • Medicines for pain

  • Home rehabilitation exercises to regain range of motion, strength, and mobility

  • RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation).

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