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Femur Fracture Case

What is Femur Fracture Case?

The only bone found in a human thigh is the femur. It runs from the hip to the knee and is one of the strongest and longest bones in the human body. The human femur is difficult to fracture because it can withstand pressures of 1,800 to 2,500 pounds. If you break your femur, you will require emergency medical attention, and healing might take months.

Performing Surgery

When to go for surgery

The doctor would advise a surgery in case you are experiencing the following :

  • You feel immediate unbearable pain.

  • You are unable to put weight on the injured leg.

  • The injured leg appears to be shorter than the uninjured leg.

  • Parts of your thigh are swollen.

The Procedure

Sometimes health providers treat broken femurs with a splint that will cover your whole leg and goes up toward your hip. They do this as a temporary treatment to help with your pain and keep your broken femur still. Your doctor will almost always advise surgery if you have a femur fracture so that it can mend correctly. For your injuries, you will require 24-48 hours of surgery.

Medical Consultation

Post Surgery Care

Be sure to adhere to your provider's directions. Cover any leg braces or immobilizers with plastic if you want to keep them dry while you wash.

When your healthcare practitioner gives the all-clear, gently bathe your incision with soap and water if you are not wearing a leg brace or immobilizer. Pat it dry with care.

  • If your bedroom and bathroom are on the upper floor, set up a temporary sleeping space and portable commode on the first floor so you don’t need to climb steps.

  • Put railings on both sides of the stairs.

  • Keep your home ready by adding brighter light bulbs.

  • Keep items you often use in cabinets, so you can reach them easily without using a step stool.

  • Use non-slip mats in the bathtub and on shower floors.

  • At last, take the ultimate proper care prescribed by your doctor.

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