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What is Bilateral Knee Replacement

Bilateral knee replacement, also known as simultaneous bilateral knee replacement, is a surgical procedure involving replacing both knee joints simultaneously. This procedure is typically advised for people with severe arthritis or other degenerative conditions in both knees that cause pain and stiffness and prevent them from engaging in regular activities, significantly lowering their quality of life. Bilateral knee replacement can substantially improve joint function, mobility, and quality of life for patients, enabling them to participate in activities they could not do before.



The advantages of performing both knee replacement surgeries, also known as a single staged bilateral total knee replacement surgery, are as follows:


1. Both knees are treated in the same hospital admission.


2. If the deformity is severe in both knees, bilateral total knee replacement works most beautifully in complete correction of deformity and straightening both legs, making it easy and comfortable for the patient to walk.


3. There is no need for orthotic correction of non-operated leg length through shoe raises.


4. Improved muscle control and gait (walking) training in the postoperative period.


5. Patients receive a single admission and the same set of physiotherapy for both knees.


Though bilateral single-stage total knee replacement has its advantages, it also has some limitations, which include,


1. A slightly increased risk of deep vein thrombosis. However, it can be avoided by allowing patients to move more quickly after surgery and using mechanical devices in conjunction with low molecular weight heparin injections.


2 There is a slight risk of medical complications. This can be weighed beforehand while performing preoperative fitness testing and grading the surgical risk.


3. Sometimes, more extended hospital stays of 2-3 days are required.The surgical procedure involves incisions on both knees to access the joint and remove the damaged bone and cartilage. For people with crippling knee pain and restricted mobility, bilateral knee replacement can be a life-changing procedure.


At Polaris Healthcare, we perform bilateral knee replacement surgery to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled team of orthopaedic surgeons. We aim to help you return to your daily activity without knee pain or stiffness.

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